contemporary dining with neighborhood charm


Established in the late 1880s first as a grocery store, the historic Ole Store Restaurant is nestled in a quaint neighborhood in Northfield’s west side of town, just down the hill from St. Olaf College. It’s a landmark establishment and continues to be a favorite dining spot for local patrons as well as out-of-town visitors to the area. The welcoming atmosphere, coupled with outstanding cuisine and local farm-fresh foods, brings back satisfied customers again and again.


Taste buds will be bursting with flavor after tasting the Ole Store Restaurant’s fine entrees.

Try our signature Parmesan Crusted Walleye Fillet. A crowd favorite since we opened that keeps guests returning.

The filet mignon is another exceptional dish — tender, rich and tangy. Local St. Pete’s blue cheese is dabbled on Top Tier Choice Angus beef.

Or try our new Cubano Sandwich festured by Chef Oliver on both Diners, Drive-ins and Dives as well as our local Twin Cities Live Show!  We use house roasted pulled pork and top it with ham, Swiss cheese, house made pickle slices and mustard. A must try!

We feature local craft beers and delicious wines from Oregon, California, Chile, Italy, and Spain.

Chef Oliver

My philosophy
It's all about freshness and passion....

Both classic technique and fresh ingredients shape my creations.  Made to please and satisfy, my cuisine delivers flavors and balance in each bite.

I cook every meal as I will do for my own family, with the same passion and respect for ingredients. One thing that I learned from my father and my travels is that you don’t need a lot of ingredients to make a great dish. But you do need the highest quality and freshest available. I want my cuisine to be tasty, beautiful and memorable. I believe that this is the key of the beautiful culinary arts. 

Born and raised in the French Alps, on the border of Switzerland and Italy, I gained my love for cooking as a young child. My father, a baker and pastry chef, taught me how to appreciate and enjoy traditional food by making everything homemade such as: pickling, charcuterie, jelly, and of course, bread and pastry.

Oliver B.320

So, when I choose my career as a chef at 15 years old, I started with a real passion of the cooking art. I received certification in cuisine and pastry in Groisy, France. This culinary school taught me cooking skills; focusing on complex technique with simple fresh produce based on classic French recipes. After building my chef experience for 10 years in many different styles of restaurants, I had the opportunity to work and travel in Switzerland, Australia, New York, Denver and Steamboat Spring Colorado. 

In 2016 my wife and I decided to relocate to Minnesota, as my wife was born and raised here in Minnesota.  We wanted to offer the same quality of life and tradition to our family.  Professionally it was a great opportunity to perfect my skill through the diverse agriculture this state can offer and bring to The Ole Store my passion for food.